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With Changing Season, Try These Tips To Maintain Vaginal Health

Here are a few tips to maintain vaginal health…

Our bodies need to be cared differntly with the varying seasons. It’s critical to pay attention to our vaginal health during these changes, just as we modify our nutritional and skincare practices. Variations in activities, humidity, and weather can affect vaginal balance and, if left unchecked, result in infections or pain. Here are a few tips to maintain vaginal health…

Maintain Hydration

For general health, including vaginal health, enough hydration is essential. We tend to sweat more in the warmer months, which causes our bodies to lose more water. Dryness from dehydration might increase the vaginal area’s susceptibility to discomfort and infections.

Select Clothing That Breathable

Particularly in hot and muggy weather, wearing clothing that is too tight or unbreathable might encourage the growth of bacteria and yeast. Select fabrics that allow for air circulation, such as cotton or moisture-wicking materials, to keep the vaginal area dry and lower the risk of infections.

Adopt Good Habits of Hygiene

Keeping up proper cleanliness habits is essential for vaginal health. Striking a balance is crucial, though, as frequent cleaning or the use of harsh soaps can upset the vagina’s natural pH balance. Avoid douching, as it can cause irritation and infections, and stick to mild, fragrance-free cleansers designed especially for the vaginal area.

Observe Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual hygiene is something you should always be mindful of if you are a menstrate. To avoid bacterial overgrowth, replace tampons or sanitary pads frequently throughout the warmer months. Menstrual products made of cotton should be breathable and avod scented.

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