Zealandia: Earth's 8th Continent Discovered, Ending 375 Years of Mystery!

By- Priyanka Rai

Zealandia is Earth's 8th continent, discovered in 2017 after being hidden from human knowledge for centuries

It spans a vast area of 49 million square kilometers and is estimated to have formed around 55 million years ago

Approximately 94% of Zealandia is submerged underwater, with only 6% of its landmass visible

In appearance, Zealandia resembles New Zealand

Zealandia is unique due to the presence of basement, basin, and volcanic rock, distinguishing it from other continents

Scientists have discovered unique shells and pollen sources on Zealandia, suggesting distinct flora and fauna compared to the rest of the world

The continent's discovery has opened up new opportunities for scientific research and exploration

Zealandia's existence challenges the idea that we have explored every corner of the Earth

Its unique geological features provide insights into the Earth's dynamic history and evolution

Zealandia remains a mysterious and largely unexplored continent, promising further discoveries and scientific revelations in the future