You Have To Know About These 6 Free Courses On Large Language Models

By- Srishti Verma

With large language models (LLMs), a whole new wave of generative AI turned the game upside down in 2023.

Here are six good courses to learn everything about these language models.

Full Stack LLM Bootcamp DeepLearning AI conducts the LLM course personally recommended by AI genius Andrej Karpathy.

Generative AI with Large Language Models Free course on Coursera covers the basics and practical stuff for an  in-depth understanding of the topic

Generative AI Fundamentals It’s a four-part video session explaining extensively what you can do with large language models.

Hugging Face NLP Course  Most of the large language models released in the past year have been hosted on Hugging Face.

Introduction to Large Language Models Presented by Google Cloud, it is a quick introductory one that breaks down information on LLMs

LLM University The platform has got you covered in everything from semantic search and generation to classification and embeddings.