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Tupudana Police in Jharkhand apprehended an individual with multiple pending cases across various police stations in the state today.

Reflecting on the event, Dr Rajeshwar Singh expressed on social media, "This fervour epitomizes our commitment to empower youth and ensure a promising future for them!"

Moreover, PM Modi criticized the opposition for evading accountability and accused them of perpetuating falsehoods to divert attention from the broader issue of black money in elections.

Railway Seva, the official customer care account of the Railways, responded to X's post, urging them to share journey details such as PNR/UTS number and mobile number for swift assistance.

The Delhi High Court recently upheld his arrest, citing sufficient evidence of complicity, prompting Kejriwal to appeal to the Supreme Court.

In the spiritual tradition of Jainism, undertaking 'diksha' represents a profound commitment to a life devoid of material comforts, characterized by a reliance on alms and the humble act of traversing barefoot across the country.

ECI announced on Monday that it is set to register the "highest ever seizures of inducements" in the history of Lok Sabha elections.

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, BJP President JP Nadda on Monday addressed a public rally in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

Furthermore, Shah acknowledged the historical contributions of Tripura's erstwhile monarchs to the region's development, citing this as a rationale for nominating a candidate from the royal family for the East Tripura Lok Sabha seat.

Amit Shah concluded by urging the people of Tripura to support PM Modi for a third term, promising stringent measures to curb cross-border infiltration.