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Despite the historical dominance of the Congress and the Gandhi family’s influence, the BJP has been actively recruiting notable individuals from these prominent families, enhancing its reach and asserting its dominance in the national political landscape.

The recent convergence of Mukesh Ambani's and Gautam Adani's worlds at Anant Ambani's pre-wedding celebration has ignited more than just a spark of hope—it has signalled a potential transformative shift in India's business landscape. Beyond the glitz and glamour, this alliance holds the promise of revitalizing India's economic prospects, particularly in the face of recent challenges in foreign direct investment (FDI).

As India navigates the complexities of a one-party-dominant system, stakeholders across the political spectrum, civil society, and the business community must actively contribute to nurturing a thriving democracy

In his speech, Jayant Chaudhary presented a nuanced perspective on several critical issues facing the nation. From the challenges in the agricultural sector to the need for inclusive economic policies.

PM referred to several characters and episodes from the Ramayan, such as Shabri, Nishad king Guh, Jatayu, and the squirrel, to illustrate the values of devotion, friendship, sacrifice, and service that Lord Ram embodied.

While his peers struggled in the geopolitical arena, Narendra Modi successfully navigated the complex and dynamic geopolitical landscape in 2023

As India stands at the crossroads of its destiny, the choice of leadership becomes critical. In the fractious and polarising landscape of Indian politics, one leader emerges as a beacon of unwavering resolve, visionary thinking, and a commitment to inclusive development – Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Adani dismissed the charges as a “malicious assault” on India but the master of infrastructure may soon find a silver lining in his short-seller’s onslaught.

Adani Group, one of India’s largest and most diversified business conglomerates, has seen a phenomenal rise in its market capitalization in the first week of December 2023.

The results, announced on Sunday, December 3, 2023, have dashed the hopes of the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.