Bharat Express

Prime Minister Modi's popularity in the Hindi belt of North India is not only unscathed but is now devoid of any lingering doubts.

Like every year, this time too this problem became fatal in the country's capital Delhi and surrounding areas. The problems of those who were ill increased but those who were healthy started falling ill.

Terrorism is often sponsored by states, and power can facilitate its growth. Islamic countries don't need to search far to identify the root causes of terrorism affecting them.

War and politics are intrinsically linked, both serving as means to attain power. While one may use overt violence and the other might be marked by bloodshed in more covert ways

This comparison amid the ongoing conflict could carry significant implications and is happening amidst fears of a potential third world war.

The atrocities perpetrated by Hamas on Israeli citizens of all ages have deeply scarred the human spirit.

The last time Lalu Prasad Yadav was the Chief Minister of Bihar, a wave of caste politics successfully challenged the Hindu polarization of BJP.

Bilateral relations between the two nations have deteriorated sharply since PM Trudeau made this unprecedented claim in the Canadian Parliament roughly a week ago.

The new Parliament building symbolizes a nation stepping into a new era with renewed energy and zeal.

The success of the G-20 summit is undeniably a reflection of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's formidable leadership.