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“Virajenge Shree Ram”: Large Posters, Billboards With Slogans Come Up In Ayodhya Ahead Of Consecration Ceremony

The city is decorated with saffron flags and enormous cutouts of Lord Ram that have been positioned in the middle of the Ram Path.

In the view of consecration ceremony on January 22, slogans such as “Shubh Ghadi Aayi,” “Taiyar hai Ayodhya dham, virajenge Shree Ram,” and “Ram fir lautenge” have been pasted all around the temple town on posters and hoardings.

Large posters positioned across Ayodhya

Ahead of the great day, the city is decorated with saffron flags and enormous cutouts of Lord Ram that have been positioned in the middle of the Ram Path. In addition, loudspeakers at nearby temples are playing constant chants of “Siya Ram” and “Jai Siya Ram.”

“Subh Ghadi Aayi” (the auspicious occasion has arrived), “Taiyar hai Ayodhya dham, virajenge shree ram” (Ayodhya Dham is ready to welcome Lord Ram), “Ram fir lautenge” (Lord Ram will return again), “Ayodhya mein Ram Rajya” (Ram Rajya in Ayodhya), and “Shree Ayodhya dham ka kan kan mati chandan hai, apka ayodhya dham me shat shat vandan hai” are some of the slogans that have appeared on enormous hoardings throughout the city.

Several poems from Ramayana are also put on posters at well-known locations, including Lata Mangeshkar Chowk, the Ram Marg, and the Saryu River bank.

“There are posters and hoardings of all kinds. Be it by a trust, a political outfit or any individual, the posters and hoardings have been put up at designated places. There is no defacement of walls to ensure the look of the city getting a makeover is not damaged,” a district administration official told PTI.

Ramlila, Bhagwat Kathas are being organized at different locations

The Ayodhya Ram temple’s first phase is almost finished, and on January 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in the consecration ceremony. Large LED displays have been installed at several locations, and every evening the Ramayana is telecasted drawing people in the crowd to watch it together.  Ramlila, Bhagwat Kathas, Bhajan sandhyas and cultural programs are going on at different places across the city. The banks of the Saryu River are also decked up where thousands flock every evening for the aarti.

“One has to be here to witness the atmosphere. It feels like actual Ram Rajya where the entire city is decked up, everybody is greeting everybody, people are doing seva, there is free food available. Other than the idea of visiting the iconic temple, the vibe is historic,” said Naresh Gupta, who has come to Ayodhya on foot from Chattisgarh and is now busy exploring the city.

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