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Court Sends Vibhav Kumar On 5 Day Police Remand Over Swati Maliwal Assault Case

Delhi Police said that we asked for the phone of the accused, whose password was not given to us, the phone has been formatted in Mumbai.

Vibhav Kumar, arrested in the case of assault with Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal, has been sent on 5-day police remand by the duty magistrate of Tis Hazari Court.

Delhi Police had demanded 7 days police custody of Vibhav Kumar. The lawyer appearing for Delhi Police said during cross-examination on the remand application that Vibhav Kumar has been arrested. The sitting woman MP was badly beaten by Vibhav Kumar, due to which her buttons were also opened, we demanded DVR, we got some CCTV footage.

Delhi Police said that we asked for the phone of the accused, whose password was not given to us, the phone has been formatted in Mumbai, Vibhav Kumar told that his phone was hanged. Delhi Police said that even today he went to the Chief Minister’s residence.

Delhi Police said that the phone was formatted in Mumbai, the data is cloned before formatting the phone, we have to take Vibhav Kumar to Mumbai. Delhi Police also said that the password of the phone has not been given to us yet, Therefore, to open the mobile, an expert will have to be given, without his presence this is not possible.

Delhi Police said that Vibhav Kumar needs to be interrogated in custody to find out the reason for beating the woman MP. Vibhav Kumar’s lawyer Rajeev Mohan said that the incident happened on 13th, FIR was registered on 16th May, no clarification was given for it, no record has been given as to when she went to the Chief Minister’s residence before 13th May.

Vibhav Kumar’s lawyer Rajeev Mohan said that she went to Chief Minister’s residence on her own will, not on anyone’s call, nothing was told about when she went before the 13th, and not even about what was the purpose of going on the day of assault. He further added that election time is going on, the Chief Minister is busy, anyway he has got interim bail for a limited time.

He continued that time when Swati Maliwal went to meet Chief Minister at his residence was not the official time to meet anyone. Vibhav’s lawyer alleges that Swati Maliwal did not go to Chief Minister’s office, but went to his residence, and sat on the sofa in the drawing room.

Vibhav Kumar’s lawyer Rajeev Mohan said that Delhi Police responds immediately on the call of 112, but based on what was told to Delhi Police on the call, FIR was not lodged immediately. Bibhav Kumar’s lawyer said that if someone gets hurt, he immediately seeks medical help from the police and he is taken to the hospital, here no one waited for the police to arrive.

Vibhav Kumar’s lawyer Rajeev Mohan said that it is not possible that there is no response to the call of 112 in Civil Lines area and it goes blank because the Chief Minister’s residence and LG’s office is there. Rajiv Mohan said that the video of the Chief Minister coming out of the residence is being circulated in the media in which she is wearing a kurti and not a shirt, the allegation of opening the buttons is not true, the matter of hitting her head on the central table is also not true.

Vibhav Kumar’s lawyer Rajiv Mohan said that Delhi Police is distorting the facts. If there was real pain in the body then there would not have been any rhetoric on this issue in politics/media.

Rajeev Mohan said that every call made to 112 is recorded, and the officer who goes to attend it is also recorded, each and every thing is clearly recorded by Delhi Police in the record of PCR call, if any If a person is injured, his medical record is recorded. If any injury occurs, he is sent to the hospital for medical treatment.

Vibhav Kumar’s lawyer Rajeev Mohan said that she met the SHO but if there was a deep injury on her body then why did the SHO not prepare any medical sheet. Rajeev Mohan said that he could have died after being hit so much, but he did not take any medical treatment, how could this happen.

Vibhav Kumar’s lawyer Rajiv Mohan said that the CCTV camera of the Chief Minister’s office is under the Delhi Police. On which Delhi Police objected and said that CCTV cameras are under PWD. In fact, it was only after Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal lodged an FIR against Vibhav Kumar that it was realized that if not today then tomorrow the police would arrest him.

This is the reason why Vibhav Kumar had requested the police not to arrest him. The sections under which the police have registered a case against Vibhav Kumar have a provision for a maximum punishment of seven years. Vibhav Kumar said that he has received information about FIR against me from the media, but till now no notice has been received from the police.

Vibhav said that I am fully ready to cooperate in any investigation if called by the investigating officer. I have mailed a complaint to the SHO of Civil Lines and the DCP of North Delhi regarding the incident of May 13. Vibhav has requested Delhi Police to take cognizance of his complaint and investigate the matter as per law.

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