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Open Threats In PAK! Imam Threatens To Break The Legs Of Headmaster Of An Ahmadi School

We’ll resist this evil man. We’ve organized a gathering of Rahmatabad’s academics, local clergy, and political leaders today: The Imam


Open Threats In PAK!

Masood Bhatti is the principal of Rahmatabad High School in Rawalpindi, Pakistani Punjab (the Punjab region has been divided between India and Pakistan since India’s partition in 1947), which educates approximately 2,000 students. He was newly appointed. He is a criminal under Pakistani law. He is a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at (AMJ) (“jama’at” means “community”), and being an Ahmadi is both a heretic and a felony in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In Pakistan,

There are a lot of these “criminals,” and members of their group are frequently attacked, beaten, or even killed by thugs who believe it is their responsibility to punish them in front of the public.

The Second Amendment to the Pakistani Constitution, adopted on September 7, 1974, declares Ahmadis are not Muslims, and Ordinance XX, enacted on April 26, 1984, forbids references to Islam and even the use of Islamic terms and titles for the AMJ, are examples of local and state authorities’ support for discrimination and persecution.

Because of this, Ahmadis in Pakistan do not even qualify as Muslims. Derogatory labels like “Mirzai,” derived from the name of their movement’s founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835–1908), or “Qadiani,” derived from the fact that Qadian is their holy city in the Indian Punjab and the location of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s birth and burial, are used to describe them. It is a method of identifying them through parodies and caricatures.

Police frequently let crimes against them go unpunished, while preachers incite vicious mobsters with fiery remarks that go viral on social media. According to the International Human Rights Committee (IHRC), a non-profit organization focusing on freedom of religion or belief with headquarters in London, headmaster Bhatti has recently come under attack from Qari Idrees, Imam of the Ahl-e-hadees Mosque in Eidgah Chowk, Rehmat Abad, Rawalpindi.

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The imam threatens to break the headmaster’s legs in a video that friends of IHRC posted on Twitter for convenience.

The imam finds it incomprehensible that an Ahmadi, despite his credentials and experience, has been appointed to such a professional position.

The following is the English translation of Imam Idrees’s statements in the astounding video, as provided by IHRC:

“We give thanks to the Lord and pray for His beloved Prophet, may peace be upon him. I turn to Allah for protection from the wretched Satan. I pray for you in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful. Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets, yet he is not the father of any man among you.

Undeniably, Allah is fully aware of everything. Right now, I’m speaking with people who live in Rahmatabad, Chaklala, and Dhok Munshi Khan. I recently learned about Rahmatabad High School, where many of our Muslim students attend classes.

They range in number from 1,500 to 2,000. Masood Bhatti, a Mirzai/Qadiani, has been named headmaster there. I vehemently disagree with this choice. And request that his cursed person be fired right away from the school’s management and commissioner.

We will not, under any circumstances, accept Masood Bhatti as headmaster. He will not be permitted to attend school in any way. He won’t turn around on his legs if you try to get him to come. The administration and personnel in charge of education shall be held accountable for any deaths or property damage. I, therefore, request his dismissal with immediate effect.

We won’t accept Masood Bhatti as a headmaster in any region or province. Additionally, I make a plea to the local clergy and remind Rahmatabad’s citizens that you have a past. You have consistently resisted the Mirzais and the Qadianis.

We’ll resist this evil man. We’ve organized a gathering of Rahmatabad’s academics, local clergy, and political leaders today. And we’ll start keeping watch around that school tomorrow, and we won’t let him inside under any circumstances. May Allah protect us all. May Allah grant you His blessings and serenity.

“There are many cases like Masood Bhatti’s,” Nasim Malik, Secretary General of IHRC, tells “Bitter Winter.” “We just reported his case, singling him out, to alert the world and lit a light on a situation that became unbearable in Pakistan. There are many Masood Bhattis who are discriminated against and threatened in their daily life and job just for the ’crime’ of being Ahmadi. How long will this continue?”