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World Hypertension Day: Know Symptoms, Causes Of High Blood Pressure, Felix Hospital Doctors Reveals Ways For Prevention

The young generation is also increasingly falling prey to hypertension. The problem is continuously increasing due to mental, environmental reasons and ways of living in the new age.

Do not be under the illusion that high blood pressure occurs only in elderly people. The young generation is also increasingly falling prey to hypertension. This problem is continuously increasing due to mental, environmental reasons and ways of living in the new age. The doctors of Felix Hospital shed light on this issue.

World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on 17 May to make people aware about hypertension. The problem of hypertension is more common in depressed patients especially in patients between 30 and 50 years, the risk of uncontrolled blood pressure increases.

Now not only the city people but also village people are becoming victims of hypertension. Due to lack of awareness, people are in its grip and they are not even aware of it troubled by headache, constant dizziness and restlessness. Be alert if you are having difficulty breathing or vomiting. This could be a symptom of high blood pressure.

This fastest growing disease is a silent killer. Lakhs of people are affected by it but they are not even aware of it. The major cause of heart attack is hypertension. Get tested if you have headache, restlessness, dizziness and chest pain.

In hypertension, the blood pressure in blood vessels is continuously increased. The higher the pressure, the more capacity the heart has to pump. Various organs can get damaged due to hypertension. Patients are increasing due to increase in junk food in lifestyle and diet.

Regular exercise, balanced diet, consumption of fruits and green vegetables prevent this disease. Stress and mobile phones are taking a toll on the health of children. The way of eating and drinking has also changed. Even thin children were found suffering from hypertension. History of blood pressure was not found in the family of many children still they are facing this problem.

The problem of hypertension is increasing rapidly among pregnant women. Its symptoms are shortness of breath, pain in head and chest, sweating, nervousness, vomiting.

Smoking, alcohol consumption, overweight, obesity, mental and physical stress can cause hypertension. People suffering from high BP are on regular medicines. Doctors keep increasing and decreasing their dosage according to BP. These are very worrying figures. The biggest reason for increasing BP is obesity. Talking about food, white salt is poison. BP also increases due to lubrication. Now people between 23 to 25 years of age have also started facing BP problems. Work and career stress, irregular eating habits, eating street side foods, eating anything fried are the main reasons.

Stages of hypertension

Pre-hypertension: Blood pressure ranges between 120/80-139/89.
Mild hypertension: Blood pressure is in the range of 140/90-159/99.
Moderate hypertension: Blood pressure range is 160/110-179/109.
Severe high blood pressure: 180/110 or higher.

Symptoms of High BP:

● Headache
● shortness of breath
● Fatigue or confusion
● Chest pain
● sweating
● feeling nervous
● blurred vision
● vomiting

These are the causes of high BP:

● More stress and prolonged restlessness
● Lack of proper sleep, smoking and alcohol consumption
● Obese people are more likely to develop diabetes
● White salt, spicy, oily food
● Not exercising, sleeping late, staying on computer for long hours

You can protect yourself like this:

● Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
● Consume green vegetables and fruits.
● BP must be checked once in six months.
● Include low fat dairy products in your diet.
● Exercise for about an hour every day.
● Keep the daily salt intake less than 5 grams.
● Keep the body active and lose weight.
● Make a habit of morning walk or running.
● Spend quality time with family.

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