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Air India Passenger Facing Anxiety Screams And Threatens Wife, Crew Struggles To Calm Situation

A Senior citizen was found creating trouble by screaming and panicking on the Air India’s Mumbai- US flight. The plight situation continued for about 7 hours.

On Wednesday, a senior citizen travelled in business class with his wife on an Air India flight from Newark to Mumbai. He experienced an anxiety attack three hours into the trip. He kept screaming and shouting intermittently for close to seven hours, according to a witness on the flight. The cabin crew and other passengers tried calming and restraining him.

Man verbally abused &  strangled his wife

He was probably in his seventies, around 6 feet tall, and appeared in good physical shape. He fluctuated between phases of serenity and fury. While the episode was going on, he verbally abused his wife and attempted to strangle her three times. It was a terrifying journey, claimed Pravin Tonsekar, a business class passenger who saw the incident occur. “Passengers and crew rushed in and restrained him,” he said. Only after being given sedatives by a doctor on board did the man begin to calm down.

Increased ill behaviour on flights to the US

Regarding the occurrence, Air India made no comments. Recent years have seen an increase in instances of rowdy passengers on AI international flights, particularly those to the US and a majority of them were drunk passengers. AI crew made an effort to converse with the flier in order to distract him.
On Air India flight AI-144, departing Newark for Mumbai at roughly 12.20 p.m. local time, a passenger had an anxiety attack due to a disruptive passenger.

For approximately three hours, the aeroplane’s cabin was quiet. An elderly passenger was arguing with a flight attendant, according to Pravin Tonsekar, who was travelling in business class.

Passengers rushed as he grabbed her neck

“His wife, who stands at just under five feet, also took the brunt of his fury. The crew and passengers rushed in to physically restrain him after they noticed that he had her neck in a strangling grip. The terrified passenger’s wife was so afraid that she left business class and briefly hid in the economy.

The eyewitness further stated that the panic attack lasted for over seven hours. Even the second batch of crew members, whose shift hadn’t started yet attempted to engage the passenger in conservation and calm him down, according to him.

Man skipped anxiety medication after takeoff

The crew had already called for assistance, and two onboard doctors had already responded. The medical professionals relaxed the aggressive passenger while restraining him. “He skipped the anxiety medication he was supposed to take after takeoff, according to his wife, who told them,” the passenger stated. After that, the trip went without a hitch and touched down in Mumbai around midday on Thursday.

All praise to Air India

For about seven hours, the crew members – Dinesh Gopalkrishnan, Reagan Dsa, Vimal Morawala, Sanjana, Ashwini Gandharwar, Prashant Sonar, Baby Jamaluddin, and Pallavi Jadhav – took the brunt of the stress. Nevertheless, they made sure the flight didn’t need to be diverted and gave prompt treatment to other passengers. They deserve praise from Air India for how they handled the issue, Tonsekar said.