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Pakistan Man Covers Head Of Youtuber With Shawl, Advices To Do Right Things In Islamic Nation; This Happens Next

There have been millions of views on the video that was posted on X.

A video of Pakistani YouTuber who gets moral policed by a man is getting viral. In the video, a man chooses to advise YouTuber Shaila Khan on the “right thing” to do in an Islamic nation while she was interviewing bystanders. She had, in his words, committed a “crime” by facing him without covering her head with a scarf or shawl. His critique of women’s attire did not stop there; he also attempted to conceal the YouTuber’s head with his own shawl.

There have been millions of views on the video that was posted on X (previously Twitter). It depicts Ms. Khan asking passersby about their thoughts on the conflict between Iran and Israel. Shortly after, the man with whom the YouTuber was chatting is seen removing his shawl and placing it over her head. He then reminds her that she is in an Islamic nation and should obey Allah’s commands.

“You are standing in front of me in an Islamic country, without covering your head,” the man tells the YouTuber. Next, he tries to drape a shawl around her head, but Ms. Khan strongly objects to the inappropriate gesture and puts him back. She even imparts some advice on consent to him.

Questioning the act she says, “Why do Islamic beliefs and morals always come down to wearing a dupatta?” Then, returning the shawl, she asserts having her own headscarf and claims it was her “decision” on whether she wants to cover her head. She further tells him that the bigger sin was that he had touched her without her permission. “Is this what Islam teaches you?”

After that, the YouTuber threatens to arrest the man for “social harassment” in relation to his actions. However, the man keeps to his argument and won’t acknowledge that he did anything wrong.

The footage appeared on multiple social media platforms since it was shared. Millions of people have viewed it collectively. People complimented the woman for fighting back in the comments section.

“Brave Pakistani Girl youtuber,” wrote one user. “Hats off to the girl for standing up for herself!! It takes courage to do so in a country like that!!” commented another.

“Love how she actually reversed the power play. I need to learn from her,” wrote a third user. “As long as this man’s attitude is widespread in Pakistan, it’s going to stay down and out,” expressed one user.

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