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Benjamin Netanyahu

US president urges Israel PM to consider aid conditions in Gaza, amid rising pressure over his backing for Israel's security amid an election year

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent successful hernia surgery, recovering well

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted cease-fire talks in Gaza but fighting resumed near hospitals, regional ramifications flared, and the humanitarian situation in Gaza worsened

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu accused the US of "abandoning" Israel. The move comes after the US refrained from vetoing a UNSC proposal calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

India has provided supplies of necessities in an effort to help the Palestinian community in Gaza by supporting humanitarian relief efforts.

Israel has come under growing pressure, notably from its closest ally the United States, to refrain from sending troops into the southern Gaza city

Anti-government protests have ceased, but activists clamor for new elections, which are not planned until 2026

Approximately 130 of the original 250 hostages taken by Hamas more than four months ago are still thought to be held in Gaza, however, Israel believes 29 of them have died

The Israeli Prime Minister, who believes that victory over Hamas cannot be achieved without clearing battalions from Rafah, directed his forces to prepare for the operation on Friday

Netanyahu's remarks came as UNRWA stated that it is extremely important to launch an impartial investigation into Israeli charges that 12 of its staff were involved in the October 7 Hamas attack