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Tired Of Itching Due To Sweat In Summer? Follow These Tips To Get Relief

Here are a few tips to get relief from itching due to sweat in summer….

In summer, people often face skin related problems. Skin rash, prickly heat, ringworm and itching are quite painful. Due to extreme heat, high temperature and sweating, people can face this problem. Skin rashes occur due to sweating in summer. This causes burning sensation, pimples and severe itching on the skin. Itching is caused by small bacteria. Apart from avoiding exposure to hot sun, adding natural ingredients with medicinal properties to your bathing water can help you get relief from itching.

Apply turmeric paste

Skin related problems can also be cured by applying turmeric as it contains anti-bacterial properties. Make a paste of it and apply it where there is itching an then wash it for some time. You will get relief. You can also apply turmeric by mixing a little coconut oil.

Keep the body toxin free

Many people get pimples and skin rashes at various places on the body. This can also happen due to toxins accumulated in body. Especially in summer, it is important to keep the body hydrated and toxin free. For this, drink adequate amount of water. Coconut water, cucumber, water rich fruits flush out toxins from the body.

Take bath with basil and aloe vera water

To relieve itching, this is also a good option. Mix some basil leaves and aloe vera extract in bathing water and take bath. This will remove bacterial infections and also keep the skin hydrated.

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