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(Original) Israel-Hamas War: Was Israel aware of it?

How come, when just around 92 km from Tel Aviv something goes on in Gaza strip, Israel remains totally unaware of that? Impossible is this also, when a war plan and the preparation go on there, that too on a massive level for 12 months, how can you expect Mosad to be blind about that?

Who planned the WAR?

Who planned the WAR?

Things some times are not what they look like. Israel Palestine War’s start is known to all of us, and that is true to the core, but there is something more to it behind the curtain.

So far as the WAR ON TERROR updates are concerned, India is preoccupied with evacuation of thousands of Indians stuck in Israel amid increasing war situation there. Meanwhile, today IDF announced a large-scale strike on Hamas targeting terror locations in Gaza. No specific details are being provided by the military about its operation in and around the region.

Now this is what is seen around here but what about the background ? How and why did this situation emerge? Why and how did the Hamas attack Israel catching them off guard? How did it get easy for them to befool a fully equipped smart nation before the terror action?

The theory presented by the media was so cool to digest that Hamas pretended to be not in a position to wage war with Israel. At the same time they continued with all the military preparation to attack Israel too hard.

But how people around the world believed them so easily, that is too innocent of them. How come just around 92 km from Tel Aviv, if something is going on in Gaza strip and Israel is unaware of that? It seems impossible. That too, if a war plan and preparation is going on that too on a massive level for more than 12 months time, how can you expect Mosad to be blind about that?

Thirty thousand rockets, thousands of rifles and huge amount of weaponry with all kinds of explosive were being taken to Gaza strip and Irael was sleeping dead? The 25 battalions were preparing for war with all required drills and Mosad had no clue about that? This will be damn silly to believe this.

They knew it but they did nothing. They did nothing because they wanted it. They wanted Hamas to make the silly mistake. They were ready to go for the final hit. The extinction was in the pipeline due to the need of getting rid of the perennial pain.

This was it, probably. And Hamas thought they succeeding in befooling Israel but actually they were badly befooled by Israel. Hamas made the mistake and now there is no stopping to the attack on them and yes, brutality Hamas has been committing till the date also goes against them. No one now is there to pleade them NOT GUILTY !!