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Germany has issued a travel warning to its citizens, highlighting potential escalation in Tehran's tensions with Israel and the risk of arbitrary arrest for dual citizens

US President anticipates Iran's response to a Syrian strike, but advises Israel not to attack, as Iran threatened revenge after an Israeli strike destroyed an Iranian diplomatic building

French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, through a statement on social media, advised against travel to Iran, Lebanon, Israel, and the Palestinian territories.

Israeli Defence Minister pledged immediate response to Iranian attacks, while the Pentagon affirmed US commitment to Israel's security against Iran and its proxies

The head of the Britain-based Observatory said that the eight dead fighters worked under the command of Iran's Guards and were slaughtered using knives

Erdogan has defended Hamas, which Israel, the United States, and the European Union regard as a terrorist outfit, as a liberation group

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor reported that 16 persons were killed in the consulate strike: eight Iranians, five Syrians, one member of Lebanon's Hezbollah militia, and two civilians

While negotiations were ongoing, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that troops would be sent into Gaza's far-southern Rafah city on a specific date

Israel temporarily permits humanitarian aid through its border with Gaza, reopening the Erez crossing, amid international pressure following a strike that killed seven charity worker

US president urges Israel PM to consider aid conditions in Gaza, amid rising pressure over his backing for Israel's security amid an election year