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Against the pain inside and out side as well, is the launching of 360 Degree Operation, finally, the way to rescue forty one lives trapped In the tunnel?..

The abundance of enthusiasm creates a little bit of apprehension too: How long this bastion of stability is going to continue depending upon $4 flip-flops?

The dream that the Team India along with its billion-plus supporters saw ended on the sad Sunday, November 19, 2023. The favorites after an all-win record lost the battle out of a sudden..

Team India was rooting for a total surrender slowly and gradually. Watching this happen the expectorates were too helpless to do any thing..

Tears in heaven of hopes..the evening was filled with sorrow where one billion hearts were broken with shock..they could not believe it..

It's gutting for the South Africa to lose semifinal, still there are a lot of positives to take home for them..

Fight against air pollution has never been easier when today we come to know the life saving significance of Yagya as a part of daily life..

The sad news of the demise of the founder of the Sahara Group shocked the industrial world as well as Indian media..

It's not tough to find what lies ahead. Team India's bold template is going to encounter an acid test where one step will remove the agony and the next will invite glory !!

Is that a victory you earn after your revenge? Or that is the satisfaction you needed? Here in Israel-Hamas case it is more than a satisfaction. And in the same manner it is more than a revenge too. It's war on TERROR!