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Russia Following South Korea’s Sanctions: Unfriendly

Russia criticizes South Korea’s sanctions on Russian individuals and businesses, accusing it of unfriendly behavior


Maria Zakharova

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Wednesday that Russia views South Korea’s decision to impose sanctions on Russian persons and businesses as an unfriendly measure and would reply in due time.

South Korea has imposed sanctions against two Russian warships that it claims were transporting military supplies to North Korea.

Seoul announced on Tuesday that it had sanctioned two Russian entities and two Russian entities associated with Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes.

“This is an unfriendly move by Seoul and is deeply regrettable. The imposition of – I emphasize – illegitimate sanctions will have a negative impact on relations with Russia”, Zakharova told the media at her weekly briefing.

“Russia is developing good neighborly ties with friendly North Korea in accordance with the norms of international law, without harming the national security of (South Korea)”, Zakharova continued.

Following North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia’s east last year, relations between Moscow and Pyongyang grew stronger.

Last week, Russia vetoed the annual renewal of a panel of experts overseeing the implementation of United Nations sanctions against North Korea for its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

The decision came amid US-led suspicions that North Korea had transported weaponry to Russia for use in its war in Ukraine. Both Moscow and Pyongyang have denied the allegations but last year pledged to strengthen military relations.

Zakharova underlined on Wednesday that Moscow was committed to ‘in their entirety’ U.N. Security Council resolutions on North Korea but said that sanctions on Pyongyang were not working as planned.

“It is clearly seen that endless sanctions are completely useless for achieving the designated goals. They lead to a financial and economic blockade of an entire state with all the ensuing consequences for the population”, Zakharova explained.

Zakharova accused the US of trying to create instability on the Korean peninsula.

“South Korea apparently lacks the immunity to protect itself from Washington’s external influence”, Zakharova went on to say.

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