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Since the start of the Gaza Strip war in October, Israel has increased its strikes against Iran-linked targets in Syria

Iran's Revolutionary Guards seized a container ship related to Israel in the Gulf, diverted it towards Iran's territorial seas

The Italian parliament is debating a bill by Meloni's Brothers of Italy party, which would prohibit Italians from having children in countries where surrogacy is legal

Israel has agreed to make it easier for humanitarian agencies to provide aid in Gaza, and it has cleared the resumption of operations on the northern Gaza water pipeline

The mall has been closed down, and police have advised visitors to avoid the area

Germany has issued a travel warning to its citizens, highlighting potential escalation in Tehran's tensions with Israel and the risk of arbitrary arrest for dual citizens

Nearly one-third of Tokyo males in their 50s have never married, while 46% of men and 30% of women in their 20s in Japan have never dated

US President anticipates Iran's response to a Syrian strike, but advises Israel not to attack, as Iran threatened revenge after an Israeli strike destroyed an Iranian diplomatic building

Washington argues that the United Nations is not the appropriate forum for discussing Palestinian statehood

In Asian markets, Tokyo ended higher, while Shanghai, South Korea, and Hong Kong concluded lower