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Karnataka Minister Says, “Youth Who Chants ‘Modi Modi’ Slap Them”; BJP Files Case

The EC has received complaint from the BJP asking for severe action against Shivaraj Thangadagi, Karnataka Minister.

BJP has filed case against S Tangadagi, Karnataka minister, for making disparaging remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When the Congress leader said that youth who chant “Modi, Modi” should be slapped.

Mr Tangadagi said at an election rally in Koppal, “Two crore jobs PM Modi promised. Did he give it? They should be ashamed. Those youth supporters of his who chant ‘Modi Modi’, slap them.”

He further added, “They (BJP) are now coming with their election campaign. With what face are they seeking votes? If youths ask for employment, they (BJP) ask them to sell pakoda. They must be ashamed. If any students or youths still say ‘Modi, Modi’, they should be slapped.”

BJP leader Amit Malviya responded to the Karnataka minister’s statement by stating that no political party has succeeded by targeting youth.

Taking to X, Malviya said, “Congress minister Shivaraj Tangadagi, who is the Minister of Culture in the Karnataka government, asks students, who chant slogans in favour of PM Modi, to be slapped… Just because Young India has rejected Rahul Gandhi, again and again, and wants PM Modi to lead the country, Congress will assault them? This is shameful. The contrast can’t be more obvious, with Prime Minister Modi investing in Young India and Rahul Gandhi’s Congress wanting to slap them.”

He added, “No political party, which has targeted the Youth, ever survived. The Young carry our collective aspiration and are entrusted with shaping the destiny of our nation.”

The Election Commission has received complaint from the BJP asking for severe action against Shivaraj Thangadagi. The BJP has filed a complaint alleging that the Congress leader has broken the model code of conduct and has therefore been prohibited from campaigning.

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