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IMD Issues Red Alert For Next 5 Days In Several States

Maximum daily temperatures in a number of these states’ districts might rise beyond 47°C, according to IMD.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday predicted heatwave to severe heatwave conditions to prevail over parts of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana-Chandigarh-Delhi, and West Uttar Pradesh as it issued a’red alert’ for the states over the next five days.

According to IMD, maximum daily temperatures in a number of these states’ districts might rise beyond 47°C.

Speaking to ANI on Tuesday, senior IMD scientist Naresh Kumar said, “Temperatures are currently above normal across North West India and we had issued a red alert for the region over the past 2-3 days. With regard to a state-wise forecast, we have issued a red alert in Rajasthan for the next five days. The maximum temperature is likely to inch further up from 45°C and settle at 47°C.”

“In Punjab and Haryana, maximum temperatures have registered a marginal drop due to a prevailing western disturbance but they will increase gradually hereafter by 2 to 3 degrees. we have already issued a ‘red alert’ for these two states. In neighbouring Uttar Pradesh, we have issued a red alert for the next five days and an orange alert for northern parts of Madhya Pradesh,” Kumar told ANI.

A little reprieve is anticipated in South, though, as senior IMD scientist noted that heavy to extremely heavy rains, with up to 12 cm is predicted in Tamil Nadu and Kerala over the next two to three days, are predicted to fall while the North bakes under the relentless summer sun.

As a result of the IMD issuing a “red alert” for the nation’s capital and other regions of North India, people should avoid going outside, especially between 11 am and 4 pm, as this could negatively impact their health.

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