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Israeli Air Strikes On Gaza House Claim The Life Of A French Consulate Employee

France denounced the bombing of a residential building


The French foreign ministry stated that one of its employees died as a result of injuries sustained in an Israeli attack in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip’s south.

In a statement, the ministry said the individual was seeking safety in the home of one of his colleagues from the French consulate, together with two other colleagues and a number of their family members.

“On Wednesday evening, the house was hit by an Israeli air strike, which seriously hurt our agent and killed about 10 others”, it continued, adding that he died as a result of his injuries.

France denounced the bombing of a residential building.

“We demand that the Israeli authorities shed full light on the circumstances of this bombing, as soon as possible”, the statement reads.

The Israeli military made no immediate remark.

According to international law, Israel maintains it seeks to safeguard civilians and civilian infrastructure, but detractors, including its closest ally, the United States, argue it must do more.

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