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Salesman Sparks ₹20,000 Purchase in 15 Minutes – Here’s the Story

A LinkedIn user’s story of how a salesman convinced him to buy products worth ₹20,000 has prompted people to post varied reactions.

A LinkedIn user shared on the network how, in just fifteen minutes, a salesman persuaded him to spend ₹20,000. He wrote in his post that he only intended to purchase one bag when he went to the store, but with the assistance of a committed salesperson, he left with much more. Not only that, but the person working at the store was, to everyone’s pleasant surprise, “no ordinary employee” who also happened to be the co-founder of a “Indian tech accessories and lifestyle brand.”

Pranay Loya, a LinkedIn user, shared this tale. Within 15 minutes, a salesman persuaded me to spend ₹20,000! Looking for an office bag, I walked into the Cyberhub, Gurgaon store and saw the salesman’s commitment. “Aap ye product toh aise bech rahe ho jaise apki company hai,” I jokingly exclaimed. You are marketing goods as though they belong to your business. Up until the point that one of the guys realized the salesman wasn’t your typical employee. He identified himself as Pankaj Garg, a co-founder of DailyObjects, an Indian lifestyle and tech accessory company with over ₹100 crore in sales annually, in his writing.

He provides an overview of his conversation with Garg in the following lines. Loya continued, saying, “I thought about more than just a purchase as I left the store with multiple bags and a ₹20k bill in hand. Unwavering commitment and passion had transformed an ordinary shopping trip into an unforgettable experience with entrepreneurship. I adore Gurgaon as my home. At random, you run into startup founders and celebrities in unexpected places! With a few pictures of the shop and his purchase, Loya concluded his post.

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What a neat store that is! Really meeting my expectations based on the advertisements I saw. Furthermore, what did you buy? penned a LinkedIn user. “Very nice, Pranay Loya. Another said, “The founder understands the importance of customers.” A third responded with an emoticon of a thumbs up.