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A significant pilgrimage in Hinduism, the Char Dham Yatra holds deep spiritual significance. Traditionally undertaken from April/May to October/November, it marks a journey of devotion and reverence.

Ram Navami, marking the birth of Lord Rama, falls on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

Enter "Summer in a Parallel Universe," a captivating series of images conceptualized by one such artist. These images portray inventive solutions to beat the scorching temperatures.

The post sparked a wave of reactions, with nearly 1 million views and a multitude of comments questioning the correlation between high fees and quality education.

The iOS 18 update from Apple is anticipated to include new AI capabilities, with two of these features now emerging online.

Let's know the main difference between Sharad Navratris and Chaitra...

In a touching message, she expressed her admiration for Dhoni, recalling how she has followed his career since his debut in 2004.

However, according to TeamLease EdTeach's Career Outlook Report HY1 (January-June 2024), the total desire to hire freshers increased by 6% year over year.

He further teased her about leaving work early, citing her brief appearance on the broadcast.

The touching moment didn't end with the announcement; as applause filled the cabin, Captain Krishnan's grandfather stood up and graciously greeted fellow passengers.