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Congress Leader, Shivakumar Seen Showering ₹500 notes During His “Praja Dhwani Yatra”

Recently, a video has come up in which Congress leader DK Shivakumar can be seen showering 500 rupee notes.


Congress leader, D K Shivakumar

Recently, a video has come up in which Congress leader DK Shivakumar can be seen showering 500 rupee notes. The visuals are of a rally that was organized by Congress in view of the upcoming elections in Karnataka. The Congress leader was campaigning in the Bevinahalli in the Mandya district of the state.

The Prospect CM of Karnataka

Most probably, Shivakumar will be the Chief Minister candidate from Congress for Karnataka elections coming up in the month of May. The leader was carrying out a Congres “Praja Dhwani Yatra ”,  as a procession focused on elections.

Shivakumar is campaigning extensively in Mandya, the area which has a foothold of the powerful Vokkaliga community. Janata Dal is having a stronghold in the Mandya district. As in the year, 2018 Janat dal won 7 seats in the area.


“Congress will come to power in the next 45-days,” said Shivakumar

After BJP had scrapped the 4% reservation for the Muslim community under the OBC list, Shiva had stated that Congress will restore the law as soon as they come to power. He even showed trust in the public while saying that they will come to power in the next 45 days.

“I am confident that Congress will come to power after the next 45 days. We will scrap all these reservations as there is no base in this there was no report while making this decision,” he said.

In addition to scrapping the reservation, the 4% reservation was divided between Vokkaligas and Lingayats two powerful communities of the area. However the decision was supported by the two communities, Shiva stated that the two communities didn’t want any reservation also, that the two reject BJP’s offer.

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Shiva expressed,“Vokkaligas and Lingayats are people who are called ‘annadatas’. They plough the land and give food. They are landowners. We don’t want any of their reservation as minorities are our brothers and this is a country for all the communities. Our country is very rich in our culture. BJP has taken their 4 percent and distributed 2 percent each to Vokkaligas and Lingayats. The Vokkaligas and Veerashaiva Lingayats are rejecting this offer.”

“Reservation in Karnataka is a mockery. It is unconstitutional. They think reservations in the State can be distributed like their property but it is not a property it is a right. The minorities of this soil have their own rights. We don’t want their 4 percent to be scrapped and be given to major communities,” he added.