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US Urges India To Uphold Ukraine’s Sovereignty During PM Modi’s Russia Visit

During PM Modi’s visit to Russia, the US stressed the importance of any Ukraine conflict resolution respecting the UN Charter and Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Russia Visit

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia continues into its second day, the United States has expressed its stance, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that any resolution to the conflict in Ukraine respects the UN Charter and upholds Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Addressing a media briefing, US Department of State Spokesperson Matthew Miller highlighted the significance of Prime Minister Modi’s interactions.

He noted, “We view Prime Minister Modi’s recent meeting with President Zelenskyy as a significant move. We encourage India, as well as other nations engaging with Russia, to emphasize that any resolution to the Ukraine conflict must adhere to international norms and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

India, considered a strategic partner by the US, engages in transparent dialogues that include discussions on concerns regarding its relations with Russia, Miller affirmed.

“We welcome all engagements aimed at addressing the conflict in Ukraine, provided they underscore to Russia the imperative of respecting Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Miller added.

Anticipating Prime Minister Modi’s public statements following his meetings with Russian President Putin, Miller emphasized that the US has candidly conveyed its concerns about India’s ties with Russia.

He stressed the hope that India and other nations engaging with Russia would unequivocally communicate the need for Russia to adhere to international laws and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

PM Modi’s Informal Talks With President Putin In Moscow

During his visit, Prime Minister Modi engaged in informal discussions at President Putin’s Novo-Ogaryovo residence near Moscow on Monday.

The warmth between the leaders was evident, as highlighted by a video shared by the Russian Foreign Ministry, depicting Putin taking Modi on an electric car tour around the residence.

PM Modi’s visit to Moscow, at the invitation of President Putin, includes participation in the 22nd India-Russia Annual Summit scheduled for Tuesday, underscoring the deepening bilateral ties between the two nations.

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