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UN Chief demands a multi-stakeholder approach to end the Gaza conflict

Human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized Israel’s absence from the list


Antonio Guterres

A UN protectorate in Gaza would not end the war, said the UN Secretary-General on Monday, instead asking for a transition period involving Arab nations and the US, leading to a two-state solution.

Antonio Guterres stated that it was critical to be able to transform this tragedy into an opportunity, which, he defined as moving determinedly and irreversibly towards a two-state solution.

This means that after the current conflict between Israel and Hamas fighters in Gaza is over, “a strengthened Palestinian Authority, assuming responsibilities in Gaza”, he stated.

However, the Palestinian Authority cannot enter Gaza backed by Israeli tanks, implying that the international community needs to look into a transition period.

“I do not think that a UN protectorate in Gaza is a solution”, Guterres continued.

Instead, he advocated for a multi-stakeholder approach in which the US would serve as the main guarantor of Israel’s security, while Arab nations are essential in supporting Palestinians.

“Everybody needs to come together to create the conditions for the transition, allowing for a strengthened Palestinian Authority to assume responsibilities in Gaza”, he stated, before moving on to a two-state solution.

Guterres also condemned the killing of civilians, including children, in Gaza as Israel continues its air and ground campaign in retaliation for the October 7 attacks.

For the past seven years, he has released a list of shame of armed conflict parties that perpetrate significant atrocities against minors.

Human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized Israel’s absence from the list.

Without predicting whether that will change this year, Guterres placed the number of children slain in Gaza into sharp perspective.

According to the ‘shame’ reports, the Taliban in Afghanistan killed the most children in one year in 2017-2018, followed by the Syrian government and its supporters before 2020. The total was in the hundreds both times.

Guterres went on to say, “Without entering into discussing the accuracy of the numbers that were published by de facto authorities in Gaza, what is clear is that we have had in a few weeks thousands of children killed”.

“We are witnessing a killing of civilians that is unparalleled and unprecedented in any conflict since I am Secretary-General”, Guterres added.

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