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Ukraine Shot Down 2 Russian Missiles, 20 Drones In Overnight Attacks

Ukrainian drone attacks have also targeted the Russian capital and its outskirts


Ukraine stated on Sunday that it had repulsed two Russian missile and 20 drone attacks overnight, while Moscow stated it had shot down 33 Ukrainian drones.

In a statement, the Ukrainian Air Force said, “The Russian occupying forces attacked with the Iskander-K cruise missile, the Kh-59 guided air missile…, as well as 20 Shahed-type strike drones”.

According to the Air Force, the drones and the Kh-59 missile were shot down by Ukrainian forces, while the Iskander-K cruise missile did not reach its target.

The missiles were launched from Crimea and the seized Kherson region, but no victims or damage were reported.

Russia, for its part, said it had stopped 33 drone attacks in three Ukrainian border regions.

The Russian defence ministry stated that its air defence systems destroyed and intercepted 33 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over the territories of the Lipetsk, Rostov, and Volgograd regions.

Drone attacks have become virtually everyday occurrences in Russia’s border regions, however, mass attacks are less common.

Ukrainian drone attacks have also targeted the Russian capital and its outskirts.

Meanwhile, Russia bombards Ukrainian towns almost daily. It launched a massive drone attack on southern Ukraine last week and fired ballistic missiles at Kyiv, injuring 50 people with debris.

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