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Florida: Gunmen open fire from inside car, 10 injured

Officers were called to the location near lowa Avenue North and Plum Street at approximately 3:43 p.m. today(EST)..

Mass shooting in Florida

Mass shooting in Florida

Florida: The Lakeland Police Department announced at least ten people have been injured in the latest mass shooting in Florida on Monday afternoon (EST).

According to Lakeland Police Department Chief Sam Taylor, “A dark-blue Nissan four-door sedan pulled up at the scene of the shooting. The vehicle slowed, did not stop, and the four windows went down. It appeared to be occupied by four shooters in the vehicle.”

“They started firing from all four windows of the vehicle and shooting males on both sides,” Taylor said.

Two of the injured in the drive-by shooting in Lakeland are critical, police said.

Taylor added that the other victims had sustained nonlife-threatening wounds. The police official said that only three victims were transported by emergency management services, and they were between 20 and 35 years old.

According to Chief Sam Taylor, polices are looking for at least four males who may have been wearing facial coverings. He urged members of the community to call in with any information they may have that could help with the investigation.

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