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Danish PM Attacked In Copenhagen; Attacker Arrested

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was assaulted and beaten by a man on Kultorvet in Copenhagen


Mette Frederiksen

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was attacked by a man on Friday in central Copenhagen but appeared to be unharmed.

In a statement, the prime minister’s office said, “Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was beaten on Friday evening at Kultorvet (square, red) in Copenhagen by a man who was subsequently arrested”.

“The Prime Minister is shocked by the incident”, the statement reads without providing more information.

Police tweeted that they had arrested a man and were investigating the incident, but declined to provide more information.

The assault comes two days before Dane votes in the EU election. Three weeks ago, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico was severely injured in an assassination attempt.

Danish Minister of Environment Magnus Heunicke tweeted, “Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was today assaulted and beaten by a man on Kultorvet in Copenhagen”, through his official ‘X’ handle.

“Mette is naturally shocked by the attack. I must say that it shakes all of us who are close to her”, Heunicke continued in his tweet.

Heunicke went on to say, “Something like this must not happen in our beautiful, safe, and free country. We all have a responsibility to look after each other and the values ​​our country is built on. The police have arrested a man for the assault.”

“Let’s take a clear and sharp distance and instead move together and take care of each other. Regardless of political disagreements, election campaigns, etc. This is ugly and unacceptable”, Heunicke added.

“Let’s show that Denmark is much better”, Heunicke urged.

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