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6-Year-Old Injured Traumatically After Falling From A Roller Coaster In US

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the child and his or her family, and we hope for a speedy recovery

Roller Coaster

At a theme park in Orlando, Florida, a six-year-old boy was shockingly injured after falling from a roller coaster that was over twenty feet above where he was discovered.

Since then, the roller coaster has been temporarily closed. The tragedy happened on August 3 on the Galaxy Spin roller coaster at Kissimmee’s Fun Spot America.

According to Mark Pino, a spokesman for Osceola County, “Units arrived to find a 6-year-old with traumatic injuries under the roller coaster track, which was approximately 20 feet above”.

He went on to say that he was sent to the hospital and that the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is looking into the event.

According to the theme park, a preliminary inspection of Galaxy Spin found it to be in normal operating condition with no mechanical issues.

The amusement park further declared that it would not reopen the ride until it was certain that such an incident would not occur again.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the child and his or her family, and we hope for a speedy recovery. Our guests’ safety is our top priority”, the park stated.

The Galaxy Spin roller coaster is described on the Fun Spot website as a wild mouse-style type coaster that produces heavy G forces when passengers circle the ride’s tiny curves. Riders must be at least 48 inches tall, or 42 inches if accompanied by an adult, to ride the roller coaster.

The Galaxy Spin has a total height of 42.7 feet and its cars go across the track at about 29.1 metres per hour, according to the database. The ride lasts about one minute and 30 seconds on average, with a G-Force of about 2.5.

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