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Samsung Expands Galaxy AI Features To Third-Party Apps & Foldable Devices

In a bid to elevate user experience, tech giant Samsung has announced plans to extend its Galaxy AI features beyond its native calling app.

Samsung to Enhance Galaxy AI for New Foldables

Samsung galaxy to Expand ‘Live Translate’ to Third-Party Apps

In a bid to elevate user experience and embrace the advancing mobile AI era, tech giant Samsung has announced plans to extend its Galaxy AI features beyond its native calling app.

The move also includes optimization of the Galaxy AI experience tailored specifically for the upcoming foldable devices.

Among the notable enhancements is the expansion of the ‘Live Translate’ tool, currently available within Samsung’s ecosystem, to encompass other third-party messaging applications, thereby supporting voice calls.

This strategic expansion aims to streamline communication processes for users across various platforms.

As the demand for seamless AI integration surges, Samsung is keen on propelling mobile AI innovations to cater to evolving user needs.
Won-Joon Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Mobile R&D Office, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the company’s commitment to fostering a hybrid approach to address these needs effectively.

Samsung’s global research centers, spanning regions including Poland, China, India, and Vietnam, have been diligently working towards enhancing the languages supported by Galaxy AI.

By integrating this feature into the company’s on-device AI language translation model, Samsung aims to facilitate barrier-free communication experiences for users.

Additionally, Samsung reassures users that the Live Translate feature prioritizes data security. It ensures that personal information remains within the confines of their devices during usage.

This emphasis on privacy underscores Samsung’s dedication to fostering trust and reliability among its user base.

Looking ahead, Samsung envisions incorporating more mobile AI features directly into devices, capitalizing on the rapid advancements in chip technology and allied fields.

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