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Virat Kohli Cautions RCB Fans: “Stay Grounded, I Understand the Significance” – Wins Orange Cap after PBKS Match

Virat Kohli Expresses Shift in Priority: “Not Concerned About Orange Cap Anymore, Sole Focus on Assisting Team”

Virat Kohli is currently leading the Orange Cap race.

Virat Kohli is currently leading the Orange Cap race.

In a dazzling display against Punjab Kings, Virat Kohli showcased his prowess with a remarkable 77-run innings, securing the coveted Orange Cap for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the initial stages of IPL 2024. Kohli’s stellar performance marked a promising start to the new season, clinching a vital victory for RCB in their second match.

Notching up his 51st IPL fifty in just 31 balls, Kohli joined the elite ranks of Chris Gayle and David Warner as the third batsman to achieve 100 fifty-plus knocks in T20 cricket. Surpassing Sam Curran in the race for the Orange Cap, Kohli amassed a total of 98 runs across two matches, with a notable 21-run contribution in RCB’s opening clash against the Chennai Super Kings.

Despite the roaring cheers from fans as Kohli received the Orange Cap during the post-match presentation, the RCB stalwart urged caution, reminding everyone not to get too carried away. “Don’t get too overexcited, it’s only two games. I know what it means,” Kohli remarked, emphasizing the need to maintain perspective amidst early-season success.

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Known for his unwavering loyalty to RCB, Kohli reiterated his commitment to the franchise, expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support from the Bengaluru faithful. Reflecting on his enduring connection with the fans at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Kohli emphasized that while achievements and statistics hold significance, it’s the cherished memories forged with the team that truly matter.

“It’s been going on for years. People talk about a lot of other things when you play sport – achievement, stats, numbers. But when you look back it’s the memories you create. The love, appreciation and backing I’ve received has been amazing,” Kohli remarked, encapsulating the essence of his bond with the RCB fanbase.

Don’t Play For Orange Caps Anymore

Following his exceptional performance, Virat Kohli secured the Orange Cap in IPL 2024 after a splendid innings against Punjab Kings, yet his focus remains steadfastly on team success rather than individual accolades. Kohli’s resounding knock, which contributed significantly to Royal Challengers Bangalore’s triumph, marked a promising beginning to the season.

Amassing a total of 98 runs in the first two matches, surpassing fellow contenders, Kohli’s achievement was celebrated by fans, though he humbly urged restraint, expressing that personal accolades like the Orange Cap hold little significance in comparison to his commitment to the team’s cause.

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“I don’t play for caps and all that anymore, it’s just another opportunity to help my team,” Kohli stated, underlining his dedication to serving Indian cricket and RCB with unwavering commitment. “That’s the only thing I’ve given to Indian cricket and to RCB, that’s the promise I can give you and not probably the orange cap. But I will keep turning up and keep trying my best,” he affirmed, reinforcing his determination to prioritize the team’s success above all else.

Kohli’s sentiments underscored his selfless approach to the game, emphasizing the invaluable contribution he aims to make to his team’s journey throughout the season.