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VARANASI: Daughters found living with their mother’s body from past one year

The daughters told that when their mother’s body decomposed, it was infested with a lot of insects. She would take out the worms and throw them out. There was a foul smell for the first 15 days, but gradually everything became normal.


A heart- throbbing incident came to light where, two daughters  were found living with the dead body of their mother who died a year ago. The most surprising fact is that no one of the locality were having no idea about this horrifying act.

It is reported that Usha Tiwari (52 years) was the eldest among the three daughters of Ramkrishna Pandey, resident of Holpur Rachauli village of Ubhaon police station area of ​​Ballia.

Usha  was married to Deveshwar Tripathi in Akhaukh village of Belthararod, where  after ten years of marriage, matrimonial dispute aroused between both since then Usha along with her two daughters started living in her maternal house with her father Ramakrishna Pandey.

Ramakrishna Pandey built a house in the year 2002 in Madarvan located in Lanka police station area of ​​Varanasi. After this, Usha started living in Madarvan with her father and two daughters Pallavi and Vaishnavi. The father also opened a cosmetic shop for his daughter in the house itself.
When the shop was closed during the lock down, Ramkrishna Pandey went to live with his younger daughter in Lucknow. After this he started talking to his daughter on phone. Ramakrishna’s second daughter Upasana got married in Mirzapur.

On 8 December 2022 Usha died due to illness, but both the daughters did not perform the last rites. The woman’s body was kept hidden inside the quilt.

Upasana and her husband Dharmendra Chaturvedi, who live in Mirzapur, had not talked to Usha for a long time. Both of them went to the house in Madarvan several times, but each time Usha’s two daughters refused to open the door by making some excuse or the other.

Kept threatening to call the police if pressure was applied. Upasana and Dharmendra would return after a few hours. This was going on for the last one year. When father Ramakrishna also came two months ago, Pallavi and Vaishnavi did not open the door.
On Wednesday they again reached  Madarwan , the daughters again refused to open the door. Then Dharmendra informed on dial 112.

Receiving information Dial-112 and outpost in-charge reached the spot, but they too could not open the door. After this, Lanka Inspector Shivakant Mishra arrived with the force and broke the door while doing videography and entered inside and found  Usha’s skeleton. When both his daughters were interrogated, the whole matter came out in the open.

According to the police station in charge, both the daughters out of which is  27 years old and the other is 19 years old, told that their mother had died due to illness on December 8, 2022. Mother used to vomit. Due to lack of money and resources, the body could not be cremated.

Both the sisters also told  police that when their mother’s body decomposed, it was infested with a lot of insects. She would take out the worms and throw them out. There was a foul smell for the first 15 days, but gradually everything became normal. After cooking food in the kitchen, both the daughters used to take it to the terrace and eat it.