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Saamana: Shinde faction MP Rahul Shewale issues defamation notice to ‘Saamana’

Saamana: Shiv Sena MP Rahul Shewale has filed a complaint against a woman for alleged extortion, cheating, and defaming his image..

Defamation notice on Saamana by MP Rahul Shewale

Defamation notice on Saamana by MP Rahul Shewale

Saamana: Member of Parliament from Shinde Shiv Sena, Rahul Shewale issues a defamation notice against the executive editor and reporters of Saamana newspaper.

In the notice, Rahul Shewale alleges that a fake news article was published against him in Saamana newspaper some time ago, due to which he has suffered social damage. Indignant by this, Shewale has sent a defamation notice to Saamana newspaper.

According to the notice, the news article with the headline ‘Rahul Shewale’s hotel real estate business in Karachi!’, published in Saamana newspaper has tarnished his image. Shewale has also sent the cutting of the newspaper along with the notice.

Dubai Fashion Designer accused Shewale

Earlier some time ago, a fashion designer working in Dubai had accused MP Rahul Shewale of exploiting her on the pretext of marriage for two years. The woman also alleges that the Mumbai Police is not registering the FIR because of the influence of the MP.

The allegations of the woman are baseless! – Rahul Shewale

On the allegations of the woman, MP Rahul Shewale has come up with his statement that the allegations of the woman are baseless. She is a professional complainer and has relations with Pakistan as well as Dawood Ibrahim. Rahul Shewale says that the opposition is deliberately instigating that woman. If an investigation by the NIA gets carried out, the whole truth about the woman will come out. There are many such cases have already been registered against his entire family.

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The woman replied through releasing the video

After this, while replying to Rahul’s statement, the woman with the allegations, has released a video on social media where she is seen saying – ”I am the daughter of Mother India. There are efforts being made to defame me and my country.” The woman said that the MP has physically and mentally abused her. She is from Delhi and works as a fashion designer in Dubai. I have friends in America, Pakistan and Bangladesh but the allegations of Pakistan and Karachi connection made by the MP are completely false.

As per the notice issued by MP Rahul Shewale, Saamana newspaper has published baseless news articles based on the statements of the woman who tries to tarnish his image and this was what made him go for the defamation against Saamana news paper and its reporters.