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Yogi Adityanath: This Lok Sabha election is between Ram devotees and Ram traitors

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath termed Congress and Samajwadi Party as Ramdrohis and said that the Lok Sabha elections are between Ram devotees and Ramdrohis.

Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath

Gorakhpur : Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath termed Congress and Samajwadi Party as Ramdrohis and said that the Lok Sabha elections are between Ram devotees and Ramdrohis. According to the CM, on one hand there are people who deny Lord Ram existence, open fire on Ram devotees, decry Ram temple as useless and on the other hand, there are people who end the wait of five hundred years and enshrine Lord Ram Lalla in his grand temple.

Ram temple is a symbol of the eternal faith of entire India; hence today only one voice is being heard in the entire country, “Only Ram devotee will rule on the throne of Delhi”. The people of the country will take Congress and SP, which follow the path of appeasement, to a place where they will not have any reputation.

CM Yogi was addressing an election rally in PPganj on Tuesday morning in favour of Gorakhpur Lok Sabha constituency MP and BJP candidate Ravikishan Shukla. In the public meeting, the Chief Minister said that wherever he went in the country to campaign in this election, people everywhere supported Modi.

The same voice is echoing from every area that we will bring back those who have brought Ram. The Chief Minister said that regarding the Ram Temple which is a pride for the people of entire India, the Congress says that this temple should not have been built and this has sent a wrong message to the world.

Whereas Samajwadi Party says that Ram temple is useless. Attacking Congress-SP for these statements, CM Yogi said that Ram temple is well built but the minds of people who call Ram temple useless are filled with chaff.
He said that this election is between Ram devotees and Ram traitors. On one side, there are Ramdrohi people who oppose Ram and Ram temple. On the other hand, those who serve Ram and end the period of waiting of 500 years to enthrone Ramllala are Ram devotees. These are the devotees of Ram who, before Ramlala’s ascension, built an international airport in the name of Maharishi Valmiki in Ayodhya, built a waiting room in the name of Shri Ram’s friend Nishadraj, and built a restaurant in the name of Mata Shabari.

These are those Ram devotees who install a 56 feet high statue of Nishadraj in Prayagraj and give full respect to Nishadraj. The Chief Minister said that in such a situation no follower of Nishadraj can stand with the traitors of Ram. He said that the people who fired on Ram devotees in the elections will try to throw dust in your eyes today, but do not get misled.
Ram traitors face misery, Ram devotees bring progress: CM Yogi said that Ram traitor has never been able to sit in peace. No matter how big he is, how powerful he is, he has definitely suffered a downfall. He said that while Ram devotees focus on progress with the blessings of the Lord. Today Ram devotees are working for the development of the country, to build a twelve lane road from Tulane, to build AIIMS, Medical College, IIT, IIM, and Airport, to provide tap water to every house, for industrialization. Rambhakta Modi government built houses for four crore poor people, those who are left will get them after the formation of the government after June 4.

Ayushman Yojana for the treatment of the poor, Ujjwala Yojana for freedom from smoke and free LPG connections are the contributions of the Rambhakta government. He said that on June 4, when the government of Ram devotees will be formed again, Ayushman card will be made available to every person above 70 years of age.
On this occasion, BJP candidate Ravikishan Shukla, BJP state vice president and MLC Dr. Dharmendra Singh, District President Yudhishthir Singh, Dumariaganj MP and candidate Jagdambika Pal, MLC Salil Vishnoi, Campierganj MLA Fateh Bahadur Singh, UP Cooperative Bank Chairman Jitendra Bahadur Singh. , Brij Bhushan Mishra, Mahendra Mishra, Maqsudan Mishra etc. were prominently present.