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Manish Sisodia’s Day 1 In Tihar: Daal, Sabji, Roti, and Gangsters For Neighbours

The former Deputy Chief Minister will not be sharing a cell with anyone and will be housed in Ward 9.


Manish Sisodia’s Day 1 In Tihar

Former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was given a new bedsheet, three blankets, and clothing for the night on his first day in Tihar jail

In connection with the excise policy case, the Rouse Avenue Court on Monday placed Sisodia in judicial custody until March 20.

Jail number 1 is the oldest on the Tihar grounds

According to Tihar jail officials, jail number 1 is the oldest on the Tihar grounds. The former Deputy Chief Minister will not be sharing a cell with anyone and will be housed in Ward 9. Sunil Maan alias Tillu, the dreaded Tillu gang’s leader; gangster Nasir; and Yogesh alias Tunda, a sharpshooter for the infamous Gogi gang, are also in jail number one.

Sisodia was arrested in the afternoon and taken to jail. “First, he had some medical tests. “He is healthy, according to the in-house doctors, and his reports were then sent to the Jail Superintendent, who decided which cell and ward he should reside in,” an official said.


According to officials, Sisodia was taken for dinner around 6.30-7.30 p.m., where he ate rotis, rice, daal, and aloo-matar sabji. He did not bring any belongings to jail, with jail officials stating that his family or friends would bring his personal clothing and items later.

Clothing as he desires

“Because he is an undertrial detainee, he is permitted to wear personal clothing as he wants. The jail manual allows it. He will be given extra clothing from prison for the first night. He is free to use it if he so desires. “We also sent soap, one bedsheet, three blankets, and other necessities,” an official said.

During the day, Special Judge M K Nagpal granted Sisodia’s request to bring a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, his spectacles, a diary, and a pen to court. The judge had also asked the jail superintendent to consider his request to be lodged inside a “vipassana (meditation) cell”.

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The jail authorities have yet to approve any of the requests. “He did not receive a personal pen, diary, or book. On Tuesday or over the weekend, he will be given all of the stationery. If he requests a specific book, we will provide it. There is no separate meditation cell. In any case, he can’t be put in a special cell right now. This is his first day, and the rules apply to everyone.

While Sisodia is in jail number 1, AAP’s Satyendar Jain is detained in jail number 7 of Tihar, which is comparatively less crowded.