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Gang Behind UP Public Service Commission Exam Paper Leak Spanned Across Four States

The gang responsible for UP Public Service Commission exam paper leak were identified, with connections spread across four states in India.

UP Exam Paper Leak

In a startling revelation, authorities have identified the gang responsible for the recent UP Public Service Commission exam paper leak, revealing its connections spread across four states in India.

The incident, which sparked widespread outrage across Uttar Pradesh, implicated individuals from Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana in addition to those from the host state.

Of the 18 members identified thus far, a significant number have ties to Prayagraj, with seven individuals linked directly to the city.


Among them, Rajiv Nayan, the alleged mastermind of the operation, resides in Barwa Shukulpur village, Meja, Prayagraj, highlighting the local origins of the criminal network.

Key figures involved include Kamlesh Pal, a school manager from Jhunsi, who authorities allege facilitated the exam paper leak from Bishop Johnson Girls College in Katra during the exam held on February 11.

Working alongside Pal was Arpit Vineet Yashwant, the college’s centre administrator residing in Myorabad locality, further complicating the investigative trail.

Recent police actions resulted in significant arrests, including Vishal Dubey from Meja and Sandeep Pandey from Panasa Karchana.

Dubey reportedly used personal connections to persuade Sunil Raghuvanshi, a Bhopal-based printing press employee, to leak the exam paper in exchange for financial gain.

Meanwhile, Sandeep Pandey facilitated the illicit dissemination and memorization of the leaked paper at Komal Hotel in Bhopal.

The investigation has broadened its scope with additional suspects identified across Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana.

Sunil Raghuvanshi, pivotal in the initial stages of the operation by extracting the question paper from the printing press, resides in Bhopal, MP.

Subhash Prakash, involved in planning and solving the leaked paper, is from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, while Vikram Pahal, already in custody, hails from Haryana.

Law enforcement agencies continue to escalate efforts to apprehend remaining suspects, including Pushkar Pandey from Meja and Kameshwar Maurya from Jhunsi, as the investigation unfolds across state borders.

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