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Formation of Modi Govt confirmed during five phases of elections: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that you all have trusted us, therefore I will not let your trust be broken. He described Congress and SP as anti-reservation and claimed to form Modi government in five phases.

Basti : Prime Minister Narendra Modi  appealed to vote in support of BJP candidates from three Lok Sabha constituencies Basti, Sant Kabirnagar and Dumariyaganj. Addressing the public meeting, he said that these areas have trusted us. “Therefore I will not let your trust be broken,” he remarked. In his address, PM Modi described Congress and SP as anti-reservation and claimed to form Modi government in five phases. He also mentioned the hooliganism of the SP government in Uttar Pradesh. Prime Minister Modi said that I have come to this ground before but I have never seen such hyper enthusiasm before.

Apologizing to the people standing in the scorching heat, he said that his arrangement fell short. Addressing the public, Modi said that he will not let your penance go waste. “I will return it many times over. Five phases of elections have been held in the country. These phases have confirmed the Modi government. Don’t know what figures the Indi-Coalition members are predicting. Opposition doesn’t remember what they are saying today, in contrast to what they said two days ago,” PM Modi stated. He said that voting for Congress is meaningless. “No voter here would want their vote to be wasted. Therefore, your vote should go to the one whose government is going to be formed,” he opined.
Modi said that if you do not vote, you will not get any benefits. 80 crore people are getting ration. “I am going to continue to perform good work in future also. This will lead you to additional benefits. There are many people who forget their son’s birthday, but everyone remembers January 22, 2024. As soon as I say January 22, people say Jai Shri Ram. Every child in the country knows about this date. Today the respect of India has increased. When India speaks on global platforms, the whole world listens. If India takes a decision, the whole world tries to keep pace with it. The one who used to threaten us with terror, their own situation is pathetic today,” he stressed. Modi described SP and Congress as supporters of Pakistan.
Modi said that people of SP-Congress say that Pakistan has atom bomb. “Today there is no weak Congress government in India. Today there is Modi government. India does not want to scare anyone, but will not spare those who want to scare us,” he emphasized.
He said that today’s India kills by entering the house. “Both the princes together spread rumours. The people of UP are going to wake them up from slumber on June 4. “Then these people will blame it on EVMs,” he stated.
He said that dynastic parties have crossed all limits of appeasement. “Our country was waiting for Ram temple for five hundred years. People of Indi alliance do not want Ram temple. SP people say that people going to Ram temple are hypocrites. These people talk about destroying Sanatan Dharma. Congress is ahead of all this. Congress is dreaming of putting Babri lock on Ram temple. They want to send Ramlala to the tent again. Congress suddenly remembered the Constitution.

This same Congress tried to abolish the Constitution by imposing emergency in the country. Bihar’s backward leader Sitaram Kesari was the president of Congress. Madam Sonia locked him in the bathroom to become the president herself. SP has always been anti-Dalit,” he remarked. Prime Minister Modi appealed to the public to make BJP win.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the same slogan is echoing all over the country. “Once again Modi government and this time it crosses four hundred milestones. As soon as the slogan of ‘Chaar Hundred Paar’ is raised, SP and Congress start feeling dizzy. These (opposition) people ask the public how to cross four hundred, then the public says that we will bring those who have brought Ram,” he claimed. Chief Minister Yogi said that earlier in the same Uttar Pradesh where there were no proper hospitals, today Medical colleges are opening in every district.

“This Lok Sabha election of 2024 is an election to express gratitude towards Prime Minister Modi. We all have come to appeal to you to strengthen the hands of PM Modi by voting for BJP,” he concluded. On this occasion, Union Minister Anupriya Patel, UP Government Minister and SBSP President Om Prakash Rajbhar, Nishad Party President and Minister Sanjay Nishad, Rajya Sabha MP Baburam Nishad, BJP candidate from Dumariyaganj Jagdambika Pal, Praveen Nishad from Sant Kabirnagar and Harish DIwvedi from Basti and other leaders were present.