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Taking Medicines For Mild Fever? See What Study Says

People should refuse to take prescribed medication at the first indications of a mild temperature…



According to a new animal study, it may be preferable to wait for a mild fever to pass on its own rather than taking medication.

The research, which was published in the journal Immunology and Inflammation, demonstrates that fish with a low-grade fever have quicker infection clearance, reduced inflammation, and tissue repair. 

“We let nature do what nature does, and in this case, it was very much a positive thing,” said immunologist Daniel Barreda, lead author of the study, from the University of Alberta in Canada. “Moderate fever is self-resolving, meaning that the body can both induce it and shut it down naturally without medication”, Barreda explained.

“NSAIDs take away the discomfort felt with fever, but you are also likely giving away some of the benefits of this natural response,” Barreda said.

Fish: The Study Subject 

Fish were given bacterial infections for the study, and machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence (AI), was used to monitor and assess the fish’s behavior.

The outer symptoms, including immobility, fatigue, and malaise were similar to those seen in humans with fever. Then these were aligned with key immune mechanisms in the animals.

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The Global Research

As per the study, people should refuse to take prescribed medication at the first indication of a mild temperature.

The study aims to shed light on the mechanisms contributing to moderate fever’s benefits which have been conserved throughout the animal kingdom through evolvement for 550 million years. The study revealed that natural fever provides “an integrative response that not only activates defenses against infection but also helps control it,” Barreda said. 

The studies revealed that fever helped the fish recover from infection in about seven days. –Half the time took for those animals not allowed to exert fever. Fever also assisted in reducing inflammatory conditions and healing injured tissue, they added