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Vladimir Putin Suffering From Dementia? Russian Government Denies

The Russian government has stated that President Putin is well.


Vladimir Putin – the President of Russia

Vladimir Putin – the President of Russia was at a meeting in Kremlin when he started an interaction with a child. As suspicions about Vladimir Putin having dementia started to spread, the Russian president became perplexed about the age of the child of a deputy mayor. The Russian government has stated that President Putin is well.

Blogger Uliana Yapparova shared a video of Vladimir Putin and Ivan Shtokman conversing. The latter was shown wearing a military uniform as he discussed how his business’s success led to his appointment as Nizhny Novgorod’s deputy mayor because he felt compelled to serve his country.

The tweet

“The future of the country is now being decided,” he told Putin, explaining his decision to join the army amid Ukraine war. While the Russian leader seemed impressed, he said, “In the end, you came to the most important thing in this search … dedication to this country. In the end, this is a struggle for the future of our children and your children.”

Then, Vladimir Putin inquired about the age of his kids. The youngest is nine, and the oldest is 23, Ivan Shtokman retorted. The Russian president responded, “Your little one is three years old,” and praised Ivan Shtokman for choosing to serve on the front lines.

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Netizens reacts to the video of “dementia”

Vladimir Putin was described as “looking at the ceiling” and “slowly muttering about the search for a place in the country” by one user as “abnormal.” Another person said, “He can’t hear people at all,” and a third believed the episode was evidence of “dementia”.

Whats up with Vladimir Putin

The Russian president was observed this week participating in an online debate where he responded flippantly to information from Irkutsk governor Igor Kobzev regarding the deaths of servicemen in Ukraine. Igor Kobzev mentioned the soldiers from his area, and Vladimir Putin instantly replied, “Pass on my regards to them.”