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United States Calls Russia’s Evidence Linking Ukraine To The Moscow Attack ‘Nonsense’

Russia claims Ukrainian nationalists were behind a recent music venue attack, which the US dismissed as baseless

United States

The United States deemed Russia’s allegation that it possessed proof linking the gunmen of last week’s massacre at a concert hall outside Moscow to Ukrainian nationalists absurd on Thursday.

Despite the fact that an Islamic State affiliate claimed responsibility for the attack last Friday, President Vladimir Putin and his security services continue to blame Kyiv and the West.

Putin stated Saturday that 11 people had been apprehended after gunmen stormed Crocus City Hall, set it on fire, and killed at least 143 people.

Russia’s Investigative Committee stated, “As a result of work with the detained terrorists, examination of the technical devices seized from them and analysis of information on financial transactions, evidence of their links with Ukrainian nationalists has been obtained”.

It claimed the suspects had received significant amounts of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine and said another man involved in financing the terrorists had been identified and arrested.

“Investigators will ask the court to remand him in custody”, Russia’s Investigative Committee continued.

Ukraine and its Western supporters have dismissed as ludicrous accusations that they were involved.

On Thursday, John Kirby, US National Security Council spokesman told media, “My uncle used to say … that the best manure salesmen often carry their samples in their mouths”.

“Russian officials seem to be pretty good manure salesmen”, Kirby continued, denouncing what he called Russia’s nonsense propaganda.

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