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Bharat Express News Network’s CMD Upendra Rai Receives Warm Welcome at US Embassy in London

Bharat Express News Network’s CMD Upendra Rai visited the US Embassy in London where he was Greeted by US State Department Spokesperson Margaret MacLeod and Embassy Officials

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Bharat Express News Network, Upendra Rai, made a notable visit to the US Embassy in London on Thursday, March 28th. He was warmly welcomed by South Asia media experts from the London International Media Hub and other Embassy officials.

During his visit, Upendra Rai was given a comprehensive tour of the embassy premises, where he received detailed information about its historical significance. Notably, he was shown the wall adorned with graffiti of the American Constitution, a symbol of the embassy’s heritage.

Chairman Rai also visited the London International Media Hub, where he engaged with Persian media specialist Anna Levin and Hindi media specialist Neesha Jethwa. Discussions with US State Department spokesperson Margaret MacLeod encompassed various topics, including regional politics, the strengthening of US-India relations, and the upcoming Indian elections.

Following these discussions, MacLeod accompanied Chairman Upendra Rai to view the wall at the US Embassy inscribed with the names of all British ambassadors—a testament to the historical connections between the two nations.

It’s important to note that the United States stands as one of the world’s oldest democracies, boasting the third-largest population and the fourth-largest land area. Renowned for its leadership in science, technology, military production, and economic prowess, the US also hosts the headquarters of global organizations such as the United Nations.