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Mumbai Woman’s Criteria for Husband Sparks Online Debate

Additionally, the woman specifies that she is seeking a partner with an annual income of at least one crore.

A woman in her late 30s from Mumbai has captured attention on social media with her detailed list of prerequisites for a potential husband. The viral post, originally shared by user Ambar on platform X, has stirred discussions across the internet.

In the post, the woman outlines her expectations, expressing a desire for a man based in Mumbai who either owns property or holds a stable job or business in the city. She seeks a partner with a solid educational background, preferably from a family of professionals, and expresses a preference for someone in the medical or finance field, such as a surgeon or a chartered accountant (CA).

Additionally, the woman specifies that she is seeking a partner with an annual income of at least one crore. Since its circulation, the post has garnered over 5 lakh views, prompting a range of reactions from users.

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Some commentators pointed out the statistical rarity of finding a match meeting such high-income criteria in India. One user noted, “As per IT data, only 1.7 lakh people have an income higher than one crore in India. So her chance of finding her ‘dream’ man is 0.01% at 37 yrs of age.”

Others defended the woman’s right to choose her partner according to her preferences. “Nothing wrong with this. Everyone has a right to choose. She has the right to choose her groom. Likewise, men have the right to reject her,” commented one user.

However, there were also reflections on the societal pressures and expectations fueling such specific criteria. “I have gone through this so-called marriage marketplace and have also encountered such profiles. I have found that such profiles are made by parents who have high expectations,” shared a third user.

The conversation delved into practical considerations as well, with one user questioning the feasibility of such matches given potential disparities in income levels between partners. “Why will a chap earning 1 Cr marry a woman whose entire family earns 30,000 pm,” they asked.

Another user raised the issue of legal implications, suggesting precautions for both parties involved in such arrangements. “The groom should also say okay fine I’m ready to marry, but if things don’t work out then you’ll not ask for alimony and get it signed on some paper in the presence of some lawyer!” they commented.

The woman’s list of requirements has ignited a broader conversation about expectations, choices, and the complexities of modern matchmaking in Indian society.