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Drunk Text To Ex Is Old Fashioned! This Man Messaged His Boss Instead; Look What He Said

The boss playfully asked in the description of the post, “Drunk text from ex is okay but have you ever received drunk texts like these.”

Drunk text

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An employee confessed to his boss in a late-night drunken text that he felt fortunate to have such decent management, and now the sweet exchange between the two has gone viral on social media. The manager, who goes by the name Sidhant, uploaded a screenshot of the drunk text exchange on the microblogging site X. In it, the drunk worker expressed their sincere gratitude for their supervisor.  “Boss I am drunk, but let me tell you this. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you pushing me harder always. A good manager is more difficult to get than a good company. So I am that lucky. So appreciate yourself eh. bye 😛 (sic),” the employee wrote.

“Ever received text like this?” questions the manager

The message moved Mr. Sidhant and felt compelled to share it with his followers. He playfully asked in the description of the post, “Drunk text from ex is okay but have you ever received drunk texts like these.”

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Reactions coming from all over on drunk text

Internet users reacted warmly and affectionately to the now-viral tweet right away. The manager received accolades from many users for his constructive influence. “As someone who has always had only & only bad / embarrassingly incompetent bosses, I want to thank you for being a good person. This person is so lucky & I feel that 2nd hand happiness,” commented one user.

“This made me wish you were my boss. They’re lucky to have you! You’re doing something right,” said another. A third user hilariously wrote, “This should be printed & included in your CV, if & when you search for a new job,” while another added, “You know it’s honest when the alcohol brings it out of you! Reflects on your leadership @siddhantmin. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing…”

But who is this man?

In the meantime, Mr. Sidhant provided information on his team and how he created it in the following post. He also congratulated his worker, calling him “one of the best Frontend engineers I have worked with,” for texting him.

“I feel it’s time to add some context to this: Guys, I lead engineering at One Impression. My team is a close-knit team of 13 high-energy engineers solving real problems for content creators around the globe. I’m the first tech guy at OI and I’ve built this team from scratch. We are very proud of our culture and the work we do. This team has been working very closely with me every single day for the last 24 months and the person who texted me this is one of the best Frontend engineers I have ever worked with,” Mr Sidhant tweeted.