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Alleged Data Leak Exposes Personal Information Of Facebook Users

CyberPeace, a New Delhi non-profit, warns of a Facebook (Meta) data leak affecting over 100,000 users, surfaced on a breach forum.


Cybersecurity researchers from a New Delhi-based non-profit organization, CyberPeace, have sounded alarm bells over an alleged data leak involving the personal information of at least one lakh users of Facebook (Meta), which has appeared on a data breach forum.

According to CyberPeace, approximately 100,000 lines of fresh user data purportedly originating from Facebook (Meta) have surfaced on a data breach forum.

This data includes sensitive details such as full names, profiles, emails, phone numbers, and locations of the affected users.

“The compromised data poses a significant risk as it could potentially lead to phishing attacks and other malicious activities targeting the affected individuals,” stated CyberPeace.

At present, the identity of the threat actors responsible for this breach remains undisclosed.

Investigations are underway to ascertain whether the breach is the work of a sophisticated cybercriminal group, hacktivists, or other malicious entities.

Facebook (Meta) has refrained from commenting on the claims made by CyberPeace.

However, the social media giant is facing potential reputational damage amid concerns regarding data security, which could impact user trust.

Commenting on the matter, the researchers emphasized the need for organizations to continuously enhance and fortify their cybersecurity measures to protect user data and maintain public trust in the wake of evolving cyber threats.

The alleged data breach involving Facebook (Meta) underscores the persistent challenges posed by cyber threats in the digital landscape.

It serves as a stark reminder of the imperative for robust cybersecurity protocols to safeguard sensitive information in an increasingly interconnected world.

As the investigation unfolds, stakeholders await further developments and measures from Facebook (Meta) to address the security implications of this purported data leak.

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