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Fans React to Michael Vaughan’s Early Morning Ice Bath: “You Must Be Joking”

For the previous two months, the former English captain had been in India to cover the main event.

Following the conclusion of the ICC ODI World Cup, former cricket player and current commentator Michael Vaughan has returned to his native England. For the previous two months, the former English captain had been in India to cover the main event. Upon returning home, Vaughan appears to be dedicating more time to his self-care regimen.

Vaughan was spotted taking an ice bath as soon as he got out of bed in the morning in a recent post X. Like India, England has already experienced wintry conditions, with most days being below 10 degrees Celsius. Even though it’s not exactly the ideal setting for a morning bath, Vaughan says he’s staying mentally and physically at ease.

Vaughan posted on X, wishing his followers a good morning, saying, “6:30 am and jumping in an ice tub.” How things change, but I’m not sure how much this is benefiting my physical and mental health. It took a lot of bravery for the 49-year-old to enter the bucket of icy water. Vaughan was seen shivering in the cold and hurriedly putting on his clothes after the session.

On the microblogging site, the video received more than a lakh views, and viewers complimented Michael Vaughan on his perseverance. One of them said, “You must be joking,” not believing what he saw.

Vaughan was asked jokingly by another fan if he intended to return to playing cricket.

One user surmised that shivering in the cold might aid in boosting vitality and blood flow. That may have been Vaughan’s primary motivation for choosing to take an ice bath first thing in the morning.

“Michael is working hard so that he can play in the 2024 IPL for RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore),” joked an Indian cricket fan.

In addition to expressing his views on matters pertaining to cricket, Michael Vaughan frequently shares details of his personal life on social media. A day before the Diwali festival, Vaughan was spotted getting a haircut at a roadside salon in Mumbai during his most recent tour of India. The Englishman wrote on X, “Diwali party trim and head massage from my good friend Dinajayal on Ormiston Road in Mumbai,” recognizing the barber as an old friend.

Next up for Australia will be Michael Vaughan providing commentary during their home Test series against Pakistan. The three-match series’ first game is scheduled to start in Perth on December 14.