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Adani Sportsline Academy Triumphs In Gujarat State Junior Basketball Championship

Players from the Adani Sportsline Academy secured top honors at the Gujarat State Junior Basketball Championship.


In a remarkable display of talent and skill, players from the Adani Sportsline Academy secured top honors at the Gujarat State Junior Basketball Championship.

The academy’s relentless dedication to training and development bore fruit as its athletes clinched both gold and silver medals in the fiercely contested tournament.

Leading the charge for the academy’s success was Vanisa, whose stellar performance propelled the girl’s team to clinch the gold medal.

Meanwhile, Taksh Patel showcased his prowess on the court as a key member of the boys’ team, securing the second spot in the competition.

The triumph at the championship underscores the rapid rise of the Adani Sportsline Academy as a breeding ground for future sports stars.

Within just five years since its inception, the academy has established itself as a premier institution for nurturing young talent across various sporting disciplines.

As per IANS, Sanjay Adesara, Chief Business Officer of Adani Sportsline, expressed his elation at the success of the academy’s students, attributing it to the institution’s world-class training facilities and coaching staff.

He remarked, “I am delighted to witness the emergence of our students as promising athletes. This achievement is a testament to the effectiveness of our training programs and sets the stage for even greater success at the highest levels of competition.”

Shaikh Shakeel, a FIBA certified coach and recipient of the prestigious award for the best coach in Ahmedabad for three consecutive years, lauded the dedication and hard work exhibited by the boys and girls at the Adani Sportsline Academy.

He credited the state-of-the-art facilities at the Adani Sportsline Sabarmati Riverfront Sports Park for enabling the academy to unlock the full potential of its young stars.

Adani Sportsline:

Established in 2019, the Adani Sportsline has expanded its focus beyond basketball to encompass other sports such as cricket, football, and roller skating.

The academy’s commitment to holistic development has seen many of its trainees represent their districts and compete at the national level, further cementing its reputation as a hub for sporting excellence.

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