Bharat Express

Army Chief Talks About Myanmar Situation Impact On India Border

The situation at the Indo-Myanmar border is of concern to us. You are aware of the activities of the Myanmar army and the ethnic armed organization and the PDF in the past couple of months which has resulted in some of the Myanmar army personnel walking across about 416 of them to date.

Also, some of the civilians from Bhutan taking shelter both in Mizoram as well as Manipur. But what is of concern is because of the situation across the Indo-Myanmar border, we also have some of the insurgent groups who are feeling the pressure and who have now attempted to come onto our side of the border in the state of Manipur. That combined with the situation in Manipur is something we are keeping a close watch on.

We have close to 20 Assam Rifle Battalions which are deployed at the Indo-Myanmar border. There is also a talk of further strengthening our fence along the border.