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The Effects Of Ageing Can Be Slowed Down

Longevity is not about bringing more years to your life, it instead is about bringing more life to your years..

Age is just a number for them who really care

Age is just a number for them who really care

So far what was unimaginable has now been possible. There are two factors which can help in this direction of human desire. Genetic factor being the first one, obviously cannot be helped but the other i.e. non-genetic factors, so far show the way out.

As per the new research revelations, now we can take control of the non-genetic factors to slow down ageing. In this direction, inculcating a few lifestyle tricks and tips into daily routine can do us a world of good,

Life begins with the natural process of ageing. It starts from the moment of birth and it cannot be avoided or stopped. Still, the option of slowing down the ageing is well available. Living a healthier lifestyle helps to slow down ageing faster than the people who do not tend to live a healthier lifestyle.

They say, longevity is not just about increasing lifespan, it is at the same time about improving the quality of life. or in other words, Longevity is not about bringing more years to your life, it instead is about bringing more life to your years.

In this direction the first required thing is telomeres. Being protein structures, telomeres are found at the ends of chromosomes for protecting and capping our genes. As per the research, there is a direct relationship between life expectancy and telomere length. This is also connected with DNA damage as well as age-related diseases.

Influenced by lifestyle, the telomere length is linked to the development of type 2 diabetes, inflammatory diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and premature ageing as well.

Here are some solutions to protect the telomeres in our bodies. First of all, what is needed is good sleep. Maintaining a consistent bedtime, adhering to the circadian rhythm, learning to disconnect from gadgets and work, calming the mind, and also by creating a pitch-black environment, this protection can be obtained.

Focussing on calorie restriction is the next requirement. In daily calorie intake, just a 30 percent reduction may increase delay in ageing along with longevity. Alternatively, embracing hunger for brief periods of time, Smart Fasting and omitting one or two spoons of food from the serving size also contribute a lot. Smart fasting contains intermittent, circadian, and dry which helps many ways.

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One of the last ones is optimising HGH or human growth hormone. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training),fasting, deep sleep, bodyweight exercises, foods with high supplements or seeds, nuts, whole grains, crucifers, fish and chicken), adequate melatonin production, cutting back on refined sugar along with maintaining stable insulin levels, are a few options available to optimise the hormone’s level in the body.